The start of the most popular luxury Italian light

by:Senbetter     2020-05-11
Since the Renaissance, Italy this country and art have inseparable connection, Italian artist can always hug and lead the fashion trend of art. Even now The Times have borne the brunt of diversified art and design in Italy is still regarded as the 'bible', attracting pilgrimages in the world of art and design work. Milan exhibited light through the luxury products exhibition area scale expanded year by year, it is easy to infer that: light Italian luxury the return of the king. Light as the light of luxury, the ancestors of Italian luxury furniture both American furniture, also have the simplicity of boreal Europe furniture fashion, set the two, light Italian luxury furniture is the perfect combination of luxury and contracted. He abandoned the French, American complex elements, to modern and classical fuses in together, replace with a straight line of concise hale and hearty, sensory more simple and neat, more elegant taste. As household fashion trend in recent years, Italian luxury light not only bring new visual style, and also presents a kind of exquisite and delicate Italian lifestyle and attitude, replacing it with the romantic the monotony of modernism, in promoting natural elegant life, emphasized the humanistic dominance. Italian design interpretation comprehension of life in light of luxury with the cognition of life, will be in harmony for an organic whole household and art. Italian furniture is popular in China, the main reason is that young generation lifestyle change. Most of the young people today have received higher education, which makes them on consumer issues become more rational, more taste, more important is the quality than price. Light and Italian luxury meet the Chinese young generation for his life attitude: simple elegant atmosphere, quiet and comfortable, but no injuries. The pursuit of luxury and not extravagant consumption. As people taste horizon ascension, advocates personality and quality of light Italian luxury will be popular in the world.
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