The structure of office furniture

The composition of furniture is mainly divided into four, which are as follows: The four major elements of classic office furniture. is composed of four elements: function, material, structure, and appearance. These four elements are mutually connected and restrict each other to promote furniture. Development. The above identification discusses the secondary content of these four elements and the relationship between them.   (1) Function    Any piece of furniture is designed and manufactured for a certain purpose. Therefore, functional composition is the central link that constitutes office furniture, the leading element, and the driving force for the existence and development of office furniture. When designing office furniture, you should first start from the perspective of function, collect information about office furniture users, and collect information about the rotating environment of office furniture, so as to determine furniture information, structure, and appearance.   Generally speaking, the functions of office furniture products can be divided into four aspects, namely technical functions, economic functions, operational functions and physical functions. (2) Materials are the material foundation of office furniture. From the perspective of the development of office furniture, office furniture materials have diversified characteristics, including: stone, wood, bamboo, rattan, leather, fabric, glass, paint , Rubber, natural board, sponge, rubber, paint. Although there are many materials on office furniture, when designing office furniture, it is necessary to consider various elements and select and use the materials purposefully. In the selection process, the secondary considerations are as follows:    One, data processing technology, data technology indirectly affects the consumption and quality of office furniture. Regarding wood, it is necessary to consider expansion and contraction, anisotropy, warping and deformation caused by moisture in the processing process; regarding the medium-density particleboard and medium-density fiberboard for cladding treatment, consider the brittleness and hardness of the decorative layer to determine the appropriate To avoid edge bursting and improve edge sealing quality; plastic materials should consider ductility, thermoplastic deformation, etc.; glass should consider its hot brittleness, hardness and appearance quality.   Second, the texture and inner quality of the data can give people different feelings. Wood is a natural material with natural texture and easy processing. It is the best material for consumer office furniture. Plastic and its decomposition materials have the characteristics of imitating the texture of various natural materials and have good coloring functions, but they are prone to ageing and easy to be deformed by heat. used for this consumption has limited service life and scope of application.   Third, the economics of data. The economics of furniture data include the price of the data, the cost of processing and rest of the data, the application rate of the data, and the richness of the data application. Although wood has the characteristics of natural texture, but with the increase of demand, the accumulation of wood increases from time to time, and the resources are increasingly scarce. The material similar to wood, economic and beautiful materials will be widely used in the life of furniture.   Fourth, the intensity of the data, different data have different intensities. The role of the same material in the office furniture is different, its strength requirements are also different, and its size specifications are different. In short, in terms of material strength, consider nail-holding force, anti-split function and elastic modulus.   5. Exterior decoration function. Under normal circumstances, the exterior decoration function refers to the feasibility of finishing the decoration, pasting, carving, ironing, and branding.   (3) structure    structure is a way of connecting the parts of office furniture. The impact of structure on the physiology and mentality of the users of office furniture. The connection between parts depends on the functional characteristics of the materials and accessories, and the structural design based on ergonomic principles can improve people's task efficiency.   (4) Appearance of office furniture    Appearance is an intuitive expression of the function and structure of office furniture. The appearance of office furniture depends on the structure, but the appearance has a greater degree of freedom. The same appearance can adopt different structures. For example, the basic structure of office furniture such as file cabinets is opposite, but the appearance is in different ways. The appearance of office furniture and office furniture are composed of four elements: function, material, structure, and appearance. These four elements are connected with each other and restrict each other to promote the development of furniture. The shape of the furniture has the function of transmitting information and promotes the people's aesthetic function of office furniture.
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