The trend of post-80s and 90s' demand for office furniture design

Post-80s and 90s still have the same demand for classic office furniture as the previous generation? Then you are wrong. Now the demand for office furniture after 80s and 901s is no longer simple office furniture! So what kind of office furniture do post-80s and 90s need now? Then you can go and have a look with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture! Xiaobian will not let you down! Young white-collar workers born in the 80s and 90s are in the mainstream of society, and office furniture is also undergoing corresponding changes. Many office furniture manufacturers are constantly conducting research and development to create office furniture products that are suitable for new trends and meet the needs of the mainstream white-collar office environment. Only then can they stimulate their potential to create more corporate value. What elements should new office furniture have? Young white-collar workers with unassuming individuality pursue a comfortable and convenient office experience and are more persistent in individual design. At the same time, they reject dull and monotonous designs and desire flexibility in design. The ingenious combination of individuality and overall space can better satisfy young people’s concerns. The pursuit of fashion. When the post-80s and 90s are about to become the most mainstream consumer group in the office furniture market, many brands are busy incorporating elements such as individuality and self-expression into the design of office furniture. We can see the four major trends in the current market’s demand for classic office furniture design: 1. Stylish, simple and modern office space is also in line with the times. Collaborative office will encourage corporate managers to adopt more open and transparent office methods because of such changes. , Let simplicity become the proposition of office space. The office furniture exhibition in 2014 was dominated by stylish and simple office furniture. 2. Personalization The post-80s generation has gradually established the leading force in society, and the post-90s have also entered the society and become the main force in the office. The office environment will also be closer to the needs of the 80s and 90s to pursue individuality. 3. Color diversification. As the office is young, technological and leisure, the decoration colors of the office are becoming more and more abundant, and this also means that office furniture will also develop in the direction of diversification of colors. 4. Openness, creating opportunities for communication. Through daily conversations with different people’s seats, it activates the communication mechanism between fixed personnel in the department, so as to obtain new information and generate new ideas. For example, some people think that this is the case. It is easier to communicate with managers in other departments. Incorporating the concept of humanization of office furniture into product design is to take people as the main body. Meilisi office furniture is designed by studying the user’s physical and psychological feelings, as well as the user’s working style, so that the user can get more friendly

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