The world of art - — The milan furniture history

In milan, Lombardy plain, is the provincial capital of milan, the capital of Lombardy region, is also the second largest city in Italy. Besides, milan is important traffic arteries in southern Europe, architecture, fashion, art, painting, opera, soccer, is famous for its tourism, has been hailed as the world of fashion design, the world famous historical and cultural city, the world of art, its ingenious Italian furniture style in the history of world furniture is unique existence. Milan style into milan traditional style and modern style. If the Tuscan style is full of artistic enthusiasm, milan's traditional style seems to be born to noble royal family. The traditional style of milan is synonymous with classic, luxury, eloquence, its precision to detail requirement, manifests the court style of rigorous and classical first grand. The modern style of milan with straight line, modelling is simple, rich design or philosophy meaning, but not exaggerated. On behalf of the color black and white is a modern style, no decorative big plain has brought people a low-key composed and inside collect, calm and serene. The modern style of milan is used more aluminum, carbon fibre, plastic, and high density modern new material such as glass, delicate contracted, reveal a strong sense of design. In the modern minimalist style, modern style in milan has a very noble temperament. As the birthplace of Renaissance, Italian designer will be thousands of years of human history in the Italian furniture, the traditional craft and modern technology in perfect harmony, with its exquisite workmanship and high quality, enjoy high reputation around the world.
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