There are principles for the layout of office furniture

What principles should be followed in the layout of office furniture in the office? Want to know the principles of the layout of office furniture? So, let's go and have a look with our editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture! The layout of office furniture should follow the principle of matching the size, connecting the height and the low, and the craftsmanship. is the main part of the office layout, which has a great impact on the beautification of the office. The unreasonable furnishings of office furniture are not only unsightly but also impractical, and even bring all kinds of inconveniences to life. Companies generally use to divide an office into three areas: one is a quiet office area, which is far away from the windows, with low light and low noise, so it is more appropriate to place the general manager’s office; the other is a bright office area, which is close to the windows. The light is bright, suitable for reading and writing. It is generally an office area for employees; the third is the mobile office area, which is the aisle for the entrance room. In addition to leaving a certain walking activity site, you can place meeting sofas, conference chairs, etc. in this area. should. The office furniture is arranged according to the district, the office space can be used rationally, and give people a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Tall classic office furniture and low office furniture should also be arranged with each other. The highly consistent combination office furniture is more rigorous and insufficient, and the office furniture fluctuates too much, and it is easy to cause a messy feeling. Therefore, do not place low-profile custom-made office furniture products such as office sofas close to the office filing cabinets, so as not to create a sense of imbalance. In a word, the layout of office furniture should match the size, high and low, and scattered. If the office furniture on one side is small and small, you can use bonsai, small furnishings and wall decorations to achieve a balanced effect. After learning and understanding some related principles of office furniture layout with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture, will you still be at a loss for the layout of office furniture? Buy furniture, just choose.

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