This Italian sitting room furniture collocation, make household life ideal

As is known to all, the sitting room is a public space, an Italian living room furniture reflected master aesthetic style and life taste, so how to collocation of the sitting room furniture needs careful consideration. Today, small make up together to introduce you to the Italian style of household, sitting room is the Italian sitting room furniture collocation technique. Italian sitting room furniture collocation technique 1: classification - — First think about what, how to do! In the face of all things, you can be roughly classified by function: decorative supplies, recreational supplies, tableware, etc. , can also according to the contact or use frequency to classification. In short, the classification is the first step, in order to make the following steps. Italian sitting room furniture collocation technique 2: lean - — Some things is not in season should not be put in the sitting room, put them in the bedroom or other sundry storeroom; There are some things for a long time to no time to dispose of them. To do so, on the one hand, is good for homeowners and convenient use of the sitting room, on the other hand, a new space for the sitting room can show the real color. Italian sitting room furniture collocation tip 3: positioning - — When we complete the classification of the early, streamline and other preparatory work, we can put the official start of the work. In the position of things, don't put the things piled up in one place, but rather to positioning according to the classification of goods. Italian sitting room furniture collocation tip 5: match - — Let your personalized living room. Need to consider the space, colour collocation, and personal preferences, to household to make different size, different style, different functions and different storage clever collocation large furniture material products, improve the use value of the item.
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