Tips on color matching of office furniture!

We all know the importance of color matching. Good color matching will seem to give people unexpected results. If the color matching is not good, it will look very different! Color of classic office furniture has different tones, such as black, blue, gray, brown, red, etc. If these tones are perfectly matched, it will brighten people's eyes and make people feel happy. Careful people will find that brown and black are mostly used for boss chairs and conference room tables and chairs, blue or dark red are mostly used for office chairs, and gray is mostly used for desks. This is because brown and black help to concentrate on thinking, blue and dark red are elegant and not blind, solemn and lively. Gray gives a sense of tranquility and elegance. How do these colors match? Each color tone is like people with different personalities, has a unique charm, and conveys a special heart message to the people around it. In our usual process of matching office furniture, we mainly advocate the principle of big jump and small harmony. For example, if a company has three offices, these three offices can adopt completely different themes. This is the big jump we just said. However, office supplies such as desks and chairs, floors, and filing cabinets in these three offices must be consistent. This is a small harmony. Finally, I will explain the effects of different color combinations. If you use blue office furniture, you can reflect the bright and elegant atmosphere, and the pure brown office furniture can reflect the noble and elegant temperament of this company. Pure black office furniture can show solemnity, while red brings out a lively and enthusiastic office environment. Light gray office furniture with black furniture can look solemn; dark green with earthy yellow is the most natural combination; light purple with sky blue gives a quiet feeling; sauce purple with moon white is elegant; it can be seen that office furniture of different tones can be matched. It can maximize the strengths and avoid the weaknesses, and bring unexpected effects to people appropriately. After learning about the color matching of office furniture with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture, do you have your own opinions on the color matching of office furniture?

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