Transmission process, return to simple innocence - — Post-modem Italian furniture

Italian furniture with its design, the combination of the traditional production technology and modern science and technology means is famous, its exquisite craft, reliable quality is famous in the world. Italian furniture has a rich history, with the Italian art, architecture, technology and the history of economic development are closely related. Italian Renaissance as home, in the long history culture accumulation, the furniture design also has incomparable artistic charm. Exquisite craft, the modelling of elegant, full of the humanistic spirit of design concept, make both rational and perceptual Italian furniture. Italy to become the most dynamic in the design of contemporary furniture, Italian contemporary furniture designer's creativity, has greatly enriched the content of modern furniture design. Because Italy is also the birthplace of radical design movement, Italian designer from radical design and reverse design of the 1960 s to 1980 s of the post-modern design has played an important role. Milan is the world's furniture design, manufacture, marketing and exhibition center. Here, the furniture enterprises operating philosophy is 'don't follow the fashion, but rather to create fashion'. They create and formed a set of integrated system, all the modern furniture production industrialization attaches great importance to design innovation, leading the international furniture design and the consumption trend of The Times, Italy has always been among the global furniture powers said. The change of design, adapt to the global change, Italian furniture is one of the magic weapon to success. Italy is a magic weapon to conquer the world of another let small and medium-sized enterprises can cooperate effectively, with the power of the team to conquer a global market. As time went on, Italian furniture has the glorious history. However, no matter how social development, and how science and technology progress, Italian craftsman still use ancestors legacy of handicraft making furniture. Handicraft has become an integral part of social culture and way of life in Italy. It also bring the pursuit of high-grade life of people around the world luxury, elegant and comfortable Italian furniture. From material selection to sculpture, from the Mosaic to polishing, italians believe that only this kind of delicate and meticulous handmade can show the real meaning of manufacturing industry in Italy. Now, with fine carving and belt Jin Miao silver has become a work of art created by the meaning type furniture, the real into thousands of thousands of Italian furniture is postmodern Italian style furniture. It inherits the Italian furniture design concept and technology, but more simplified in terms of decoration, to modern people like contracted style, at the same time pay attention to the humanized design. For Italian furniture also for public use.
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