Unique design of the Italian meaning type furniture with heredity

Furniture as durable consumer goods daily, not only to meet the use function, but also play the role of design cultural carrier. Therefore, design plays an important role in the construction of furniture brand. The Chinese modern furniture design is from 'imitation' to 'innovation', from 'single' to 'diversity'. From all over the world is affecting the Chinese furniture brand furniture style, form diverse style of furniture series. Among them meaning type furniture with its unique design style and material, using the principle of attracted the attention of the furniture industry. There is no doubt that design is a combination of art and technology, the most obvious is the Italian furniture. Italian design is not only good at dealing with the past and the future, but to be able to keep pace with technological advances, new materials discovery and the pace of the new machines. Italian designer for their close links with industry and their ability to blend in innovation design are proud. The spirit of professional designers, the height of the aesthetic sensitivity, special dimensional administrative levels, attention to the material value, the environmental image of coherent perception and outstanding long tradition craft and technology constitute the unique Italian design. Brand rapid rise, therefore the domestic various meaning type furniture of Italian furniture craftsman spirit and function design of inheritance is not so simple. While Senbetter did. In product design, Senbetter more exquisite collocation of the overall coordination, so as to achieve the visual effect and practicability of high level. Its connotation is rich, various forms and rich variety. Senbetter paint technology in the world, leading high-end furniture industry environmental protection, elegant, is ever new. , modern design and fluent line, and 26 specular paint technology, the quality of its products have enduring created Senbetter heritage brand attributes.
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