Unique meaning type furniture of environmental protection, allowing you to experience different excellence and grace

by:Senbetter     2020-05-05
Italy is the birthplace of Renaissance, as well as create a hotbed of fashion design furniture. The furniture of the Renaissance in today has become an antique works of art. Painting art in this period to furniture produced great influence, when making furniture craftsman door to research design and color of fabric, and began to use natural color wood to make a beautiful picture. People of the evaluation of the works of the Renaissance furniture is: balance, fine and moderate, rational and logical. Italian profound cultural background affects every corner, meaning type furniture with its excellent quality, elegant color and unique design is famous in the world. Famous design highlights the attention to the space, make furniture presents a unique aesthetic, reflects the owner's identity and taste. Leather is the representative works of Italian furniture. In recent years, the trend of environmental protection also has impact on the Italian furniture. In a short period of time in the past, people began to advocate metal feeling, and now people rational make track for arbitrary type furniture gradually return to its original design. Since the industrial age, Italian furniture has developed two routes: one is traditional, namely classical baroque style furniture. Even later appear antique style is also follows the classical design style; Is another innovation, meaning type furniture style and other modern style of furniture is not much different. But if you compare the northern European furniture and meaning type furniture, you can still see two systems of different style. Boreal Europe furniture meaning type furniture of romance and humor. Italian furniture in the design and function more artistic. Both in color and lines, is lively and bold. This may be related to ethnic groups, but it is also the most prominent feature of modern Italian furniture: it is not enough to cope with life's function, the most important thing is to have artistic aesthetic feeling.
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