Walk into Italian, Italian romantic breath

In China, I believe, Italy is a country full of romanticism. Elegance and taste is a synonym for it. These are the classic elements of Italy. Let us experience the beauty of the Italian tourism. Today, with small make up into the Italian, feel the true 'luxury' of Italy. 'Italian luxury' different from the traditional sense, understanding of luxurious life. 'Luxury' of Italy is more like a kind of life attitude, emphasis on modern, simple, low-key and fashion. It is a kind of let a person feel relaxed and full of life breath of life, full of elegant and delicate details, like the high quality of the sofa to rest for a moment, or enjoy a sweet dessert and coffee, or with family and friends together, sharing the happy mood. 'Italian style' shows the popular trend of Italian interior designers, fashion style and features. In the past two hundred and thirty years, the Italian design trends in gradual change, this change is everywhere. Italy's indoor style is more to it as the guidance, tend to be more gorgeous and elegant style, reflect individual character and taste. These changes is not only the development and progress, is also one of the best times of refraction. Italian designer is the leader of this trend. They will design as a kind of interpretation, combining life with art and philosophy method, don't forget to people-oriented design principle, at the same time meet the needs of users and application life. As a result, these space temperament is clear and there is no lack of mix build, perhaps the essence of the Scandinavian mashup with contracted style, may also capture the special atmosphere of the baroque style, French baroque style.
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