What are the advantages of the customized office furniture model?

Nowadays, many enterprises choose custom-made furniture. Customized office furniture makes full use of the space of the office environment, while the general finished office furniture obviously does not have this advantage. What are the advantages of the customized procurement model of office furniture? Xiaobian here to analyze with you.  1. customization can meet the different individual needs of different consumers for classic office furniture. In the traditional marketing model, classic office furniture companies often follow the current trend of office furniture research and development and production of office furniture based on simple market surveys. However, the office furniture produced by this model does not meet the requirements at all, or the style does not meet personal preferences. Customized marketing divides the market into individuals and designs office furniture according to individual requirements. Consumers are one of the designers of office furniture. Some specific requirements can be put forward according to personal hobbies, such as color matching, personalized specifications and so on.   2. In the traditional marketing model, in order to occupy the market share, the company sells through advertising and other methods. Therefore, the cost is high. The wool is on the sheep, and the high cost of the company is finally implemented on the consumers. When choosing custom-made furniture, manufacturers will directly face consumers, reduce sales links, and reduce various expenses. Moreover, after the customer's order is successful, the manufacturer will arrange a dedicated person to be responsible, saving customers the time and expense of running around the market.  3. In the traditional marketing model, many designers of office furniture companies work behind closed doors, and only develop products based on simple market research. The office furniture designed is very limited and difficult to meet the needs of the public. In custom marketing, designers have many opportunities to communicate face-to-face with consumers, and it is easy to know the requirements of consumers and develop products that are close to the needs of consumers. 4. In the traditional marketing model, in order to maximize profits, office furniture manufacturers use mass production to reduce product costs. Once the market encounters a little bit of unexpectedness, this mass-produced office furniture will inevitably lead to unsalable or backlog due to similarities. Waste of resources. Customized marketing is based on consumer orders, with almost no inventory, which speeds up capital turnover.   It can be seen that the customization of office furniture can better facilitate the use of the company's office environment space, and users can choose their own color tone and style. In terms of function, more suitable humanized structures and functions can be customized for users. Make the office work environment more intimate, so the customization of office furniture shows the unique personality of the company. Customized office furniture has brought many benefits to the office, and the after-sales maintenance of custom-made furniture is also in place. If there is a problem with the furniture, a dedicated person will be responsible for it and the after-sales will be perfect. In the future development process, office furniture customization services will surely become a trend.
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