What are the benefits of choosing environmentally friendly office furniture?

Environmentally-friendly office furniture will not endanger the physical and mental health of employees, so most companies attach great importance to the issue of whether the furniture is environmentally friendly when purchasing office furniture. So what are the benefits of choosing environmentally-friendly office furniture? 1. The E1 environmental protection board used in office furniture meets the requirements of environmental protection and environmental protection, so it will greatly reduce the harmful substances to employees and the environment. 2. The research and development and design of office furniture meet the requirements of ergonomics. When designing, we must study the body shape of the human body in dynamic and static conditions. At the same time, we must also ensure that the occasional error operation will not harm the human body, and it is human-oriented everywhere. idea. 3. In order to improve labor productivity and reduce the consumption of various resources, the parts and components of office furniture should be standardized and easy to disassemble for production, transportation and installation. 4. The office furniture has enough service life and the possibility of reuse. The product warranty period of brand office furniture is 5 years, which not only enables users to enjoy high-quality products, but also avoids repeated purchases caused by the short service life of the product. And the resulting material and energy consumption. The above are the benefits of choosing environmentally friendly classic office furniture. If you need to learn more about engineering needs, you can immediately communicate with the furniture customer service manager online.
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