What are the design principles of office furniture?

design must follow seven principles. design is a design law, so it must follow general design principles. 'Practical, economical. Beautiful. It is a general criterion suitable for all designs. design is a design that is different from other design types (such as architectural design, visual communication design). Therefore, the principles of office furniture design have their own Particularity. In summary, the main points are as follows: 1. According to the requirements of ergonomics, guide the design of human-machine interface, scale, comfort, and pleasantness to avoid fatigue, tension, anxiety, and accidents caused by improper design. A kind of harm to the human body. Starting from the theory of design. Follow certain design concepts and design ideas to design to reflect the social and cultural nature of the design. According to various artistic design methods (such as the principle of morphology, the law of formal beauty. Symbols) Design by scientific methods such as science principles, system theory, and commercial principles. follows the requirements of mechanics, mechanical principles, materials science, and technology to guide the design of structure, movement, shape and size of parts, and processing of parts. . Avoid unreasonable design. 2. Various contradictions in the design process of office furniture factories are inevitable, such as the contradiction between function and form. The contradiction between the intensity effect of the company), the contradiction between technology and art (such as sand makes designers not hate. The abandoned appearance form does not have the existing and potential manufacturing technology), the contradiction between enterprises and society 'such as solid wood furniture The contradiction between the demand for precious tree species and the protection of social ecology by the manufacturer, product design and product sales (such as the difference between design strategy and marketing strategy), the contradiction between design ideals and the market (such as the conflict between designers and customers) Aesthetic differences) etc. designers are required to use the principles of dialectical thinking to guide the design of office furniture based on their own judgments. Correctly handle art, technology, function, modeling, materials, craftsmanship, physics, psychology, markets, ring slopes, and price waves. . Benefits and many other issues. Correctly handle the diversity of market demand, the level of human needs, changes in lifestyles, and the progress of consumer concepts. Development of marketable products. On the basis of this principle. The factory thinks: 'There is no better design, only the most suitable design.' For example: some are simple in appearance but suitable for mass production, monotonous in shape but with higher practical value, common materials but with lower cost and higher durability. Products that are poor but suitable for temporary use needs. Use the general original Ilj designed to weigh A and this type of home month cover. It is indeed not a good design and a good product. But considering some specific groups of people and specific markets, the core of office furniture design is Creation. The process of design is the process of creation. In the design, we must oppose plagiarism, oppose the infiltration of intellectual property rights of others, promote product innovation, and promote individual development. 3. Although the design of office furniture factory ultimately reflects the result of office furniture products, However, the problems involved in the design process are multifaceted. Therefore, the designer must treat the design from a systematic and holistic point of view.
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