What are the design requirements for office furniture?

We all know that office furniture is a necessity in our office and an essential element of our work. So, what design should a good classic office furniture have? Why not go and have a look with the editor of our Guangzhou office furniture factory now! is an essential product in the office and an essential element for people to work normally. There are various styles of office furniture, and a good office furniture must have a good design. Therefore, our Guangzhou office furniture often follow the following six design principles when designing: Panel classic office furniture --- Panel desk 1. According to the requirements of ergonomics, guide the design of man-machine interface, size, comfort, and pleasantness, and avoid design. Fatigue, tension, distress, accidents, and various damages to the human body caused by impropriety. 2. Starting from the design theory, follow certain design concepts and design ideas to design, and reflect the social and cultural nature of the design. Guangzhou office furniture --- screen work position 3. Design according to various artistic design methods (such as the principle of morphology, the principle of formal beauty, the principle of semiotics, etc.), the method of system theory, the principle of commodity science and other scientific methods. 4. follows the requirements of mechanics, mechanical principles, material science, and technology to guide the design of structure, movement, shape and size of parts, and processing of parts. Avoid unreasonable design. Guangzhou office furniture---office sofa 5. The core of office furniture design is creation. The process of design is the process of creation. In the design, we must oppose plagiarism, oppose the infiltration of others' intellectual property rights, promote product innovation, and promote individual development. 6. The aesthetics of office furniture has the characteristics of popular aesthetics, and fashion has become the main aspect of furniture aesthetics. The design must show the characteristics of the times, conform to the popular fashion, and keep pace with the times to adapt to the changes in the market. Our Guangzhou office furniture must realize the sustainable development of the industry under the premise of sustainable use of resources. In the design of office furniture, we must consider reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy, considering the life cycle of the product, considering the recycling of product waste, and considering production. , The impact on the environment after use and disposal, in order to achieve the sustainable development of the industry. products are closely related to people’s lives. The design based on this principle can ensure that the office furniture industry will always stand.' Chaoyang Industry and our Guangzhou office furniture editor went to learn and understand some related office furniture design. After the related requirements, have you deepened your understanding of office furniture if you don’t know much about office furniture?

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