What are the issues to consider before customizing office furniture?

Nowadays, office environment tends to be popular. In order to save space, it is some modular furniture, and the demand for office furniture is getting more and more attention. Therefore, the customization of office furniture in functional design is the most important. On the contrary, if there is no function, office furniture has no meaning. Then what issues should we consider before customizing office furniture?  1. Modern people's pursuit of office furniture is endless. Satisfying people's spiritual needs is inevitable. No artistic office furniture can not represent the characteristics of modern custom office furniture;  2, considering that the customization in the manufacturing process can well solve the transportation and assembly problems of classic office furniture; 3. Although it is now an indispensable society, it is not always Individuals are short of money, so economical and practical classic office furniture is still needed. Of course, cost issues need to be considered in custom design;  4. This is an era of custom products. Customized classic office furniture for consumers. Of course, it also needs to be customized according to consumers' psychology and market needs. 5. The combination of design and corporate civilization: Or for most people, this seems irrelevant, but it is not. This is the company’s humane expression, and it is also a tense link in the company’s shaping of corporate energy and civilization. It is also a feature of the company’s theme. The representation. 6. Design means individualization: the so-called individualization actually refers to the civilization cost that is invented when planning office furniture, and it can also be called the artistic cost. Therefore, planners need to be responsive to the client company’s corporate civilization, product abstraction, and CI strategy.
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