What are the luxury furniture brands, and how should their furniture be maintained?


The editor often received such an inquiry some time ago, what are the light luxury furniture brands? How should their furniture be maintained? In recent years, light luxury furniture can be said to be all the rage. With the growth of the post-80s and post-90s, our aesthetic has gradually changed from the previous sense of luxury to the current sense of light luxury. In the eyes of many young people, the sense of luxury is great. Most of them will only give people the feeling of a nouveau riche, while light luxury will not, so everyone now especially loves light luxury style furniture.

So what are the light luxury furniture brands? How should we maintain the furniture of the light luxury furniture brand when we buy it? These two questions are the frequently received questions mentioned by the editor above. In fact, what are the light luxury furniture brands? It is easy to answer this question. The current furniture market can be said to be in full bloom. What are the light luxury furniture brands? Answers can be found in You can find it in the rankings of various furniture brands every year, or you can also learn about the light luxury furniture brands at major furniture exhibitions. If you talk about the light luxury furniture brands in China, you have to mention Shanghai Senbetter Furniture. .

Shanghai Senbetter Furniture not only has the latest furniture from many well-known brands around the world, but also can develop exclusive home improvement solutions for customers. So how should the furniture of the light luxury furniture brand be maintained?

Let's take a custom wardrobe as an example. In recent years, custom wardrobes have been tailored, space-saving, clear functions, fashionable and beautiful, advocating personalization, and storage functions. Power and other advantages continue to be popular in the home furnishing industry and are highly sought after by consumers. When people are decorating, they are more and more like to use custom wardrobes, but most people have no experience and awareness of furniture maintenance. There is no absolute in the world. Eternity, like a woman's face, is not maintained often, and the face is fleeting, so is the wardrobe. For furniture, only after good maintenance can it stand up to time and time. In fact, the maintenance method of furniture is very simple. , When we need to clean the furniture, we only need to gently scrub with a semi-wet rag. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents. This cleaning method is harmful to the maintenance of the wardrobe, because they are corrosive to a certain extent, which will damage the surface of the wardrobe and make the wardrobe dull. If conditions permit, we can also give The furniture is waxed, but this can only be done by a professional.

The above is the answer to the questions about the luxury furniture brands that are answered today, and how to maintain their furniture. If you need to buy imported furniture, please contact us Senbetter Furniture.

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