What are the maintenance techniques for panel office furniture?

The office furniture selected in modern times is generally panel office furniture, and now many corporate bosses choose to buy some panel furniture when buying office furniture. However, if you do not pay attention to maintenance of the panel furniture you buy, their service life may be greatly shortened. Today, the editor of the office furniture factory teaches you how to plate classic office furniture. Here, the editor summarizes the 5 major maintenance methods and the two major elements that need to be paid attention to. One. Panel office furniture maintenance method:    1. Keep panel office furniture dry, and do this maintenance work in any season. In places where the four seasons are relatively obvious, the maintenance of furniture is very particular, especially after the dog days and spring and autumn seasons, the air changes from dry to damp or from damp to dry. We should properly open the cabinet doors and open the drawers to make the furniture. The internal and external air flow is the same to prevent damage from moisture.   2. Place a glass plate to protect the paint film on the countertop. We all know that some wooden office furniture has a thick glass plate placed on the countertop. The purpose of this is to protect the paint film on the countertop from being scratched by hard objects, highlighting the wooden texture and pattern, which can play a protective role. Without losing beauty.   3. Place it as far away as possible from a location with strong air circulation and a location with strong sunlight. Common sense tells us that wooden office furniture will be damaged faster if exposed to sunlight or frequent wind. 4. There is a good saying: 'You can't make hot tea on a cold table.' This is the nature of the wood's thermal expansion and contraction, so the temperature of the place where the classic office furniture is stored should be appropriate, and the cold and hot conditions should be avoided. 5. In winter, many people have a misunderstanding, that is, put office furniture near the heater, so that you can get warm when you work. In fact, this is not correct. To maintain the office furniture, the indoor temperature should not be too high. Generally speaking, it is advisable for people to feel comfortable wearing sweaters indoors.  2; Maintenance points for panel classic office furniture:   1. When cleaning the dust of panel office furniture, it is best to wipe it with a cotton cloth. The recesses or textured areas of the furniture can be removed with a soft wool brush to remove dust particles. Especially furniture that has been treated with paint cannot be cleaned with organic solvents or gasoline. 2. The details of daily maintenance should be done well, and the indoor humidity should be kept within a certain range, not too high or too low. If the furniture is damp, the wood will rot, fall off, paint off, and metal parts will rust, which will seriously damage the performance of the furniture. Usually, use as little water as possible to clean the furniture, use a cloth wrung out of water or wipe it with polishing wax. Presumably, after reading the summary of today's office furniture factory editor, you should also know how to maintain panel office furniture. I would like to remind you that no matter what the furniture is, you must pay attention to maintenance after you buy it. Only in this way will the service life of the furniture be longer.
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