What are the major things to pay attention to when purchasing office furniture?

Which ones need to be paid attention to? Do you really understand the procurement of office furniture? If you don’t know, today the editor of the office furniture factory will explain it to you; 1. Practical principles Most office furniture factories and office furniture companies A lot of office furniture that caters to beautiful customers have produced many promotional office furniture, and some of them have aesthetics that exceed practicality, making office furniture less practical. As a corporate purchaser, we must grasp the standard of practicality. Second, the principle of saving factories continue to introduce a variety of new products, especially modern office furniture is loved by customers, so love it, as office furniture, you don’t need to buy more. 1. When purchasing office furniture, you must go to a regular classic office furniture factory to purchase branded furniture products from office furniture manufacturers, and carefully check whether the purchased furniture has a quality inspection report. 2. The easiest way to identify when buying office furniture is to smell. If it smells pungent or irritates the eyes, it indicates that the content of formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds is high, and it is not suitable to buy this kind of furniture. 3. When checking and purchasing office furniture, the office furniture factory should provide the raw material qualification certificate, check whether the materials used by the furniture factory are qualified, and control the quality from the source. 4. It is necessary to carefully check whether the artificial board furniture is edge-sealed. The end face of unsealed furniture will release a large amount of formaldehyde, which is not suitable for purchase. 5. with a dry paint film should be selected. 6. Secondly, when signing furniture purchase contracts with manufacturers, pollution liability clauses should be added. If it is found to cause indoor air pollution, at least the goods must be returned unconditionally, and those who cause serious consequences must be held accountable. 3. placement skills 1. General corporate office furniture with a compact layout includes office screens, desks and chairs, bookcases, data cabinets, etc. Office equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, and a large amount of materials and documents require a reasonable arrangement. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose suitable corporate office furniture and create an effective working space to improve work efficiency and feel comfortable. For this reason, you should try to choose integrated multifunctional furniture. When the office space is not large, it is especially important to make full use of the limited space as much as possible. You can choose a set of wall cabinets along the wall; and some folding office furniture can be retracted or put away, all kinds of drawers, trellis, you can use it when you pull it out when you work, and can be retracted when not in use, it does not take up space at all. 2. The size is suitable. Different office furniture should be selected according to the nature of the work. Offices that need to receive a large number of customers in the office should choose a large sofa and table for receiving guests; for independent working offices, you can choose a large desk. 3. The furniture selection of a unified atmosphere office should also deal with the contradiction between the atmosphere of the office space and the atmosphere of the office, and coordinate the two as much as possible. and office decoration should be planned in a unified way, and a unified tone should be formed, and some adjustments should be made in the selection of furniture styles and wall color treatment in combination with office characteristics to make the office room solemn and to avoid overly personal colors.

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