What are the most common problems when custom classic office furniture?

in order to achieve chic space effect to office space, and through their size and style of the design of office desks and chairs, qualitative material, etc., and then look for professional classic office furniture factory to custom production.

With the development of the market trend, more consumers tend to customize the classic furniture, especially some new type of modern enterprise, in order to achieve chic space effect to office space, and through their size and style of the design of office desks and chairs, qualitative material, etc., and then look for professional classic office furniture factory to custom production. Customization of classic office furniture requires a variety of complex data docking and communication, and classic office furniture in the manufacturing process of a variety of processes, sometimes due to a variety of factors and some size or other structural differences, Here, Youbond Classic Furniture Manufacturer will discuss the problems that are likely to occur in the process of customizing classic office furniture and their solutions.

classic office furniture

Custom classic office furniture common problems

1. The price problem deviation

The calculation of classic office furniture customization in the price wants to be cumbersome and complex. Classic office furniture manufacturers should consider the multiple aspects involved in customization to integrate the offer. In many cases, classic office furniture manufacturers have given the offer before custom production, but the price is likely to change in the subsequent production. Sometimes it is because the processing link of the classic office furniture manufacturer itself changes, sometimes it is because the customer added or modified the customized plan in the manufacturing process, then the price should be clearly discussed before the change, otherwise there will be a contract dispute. The suggestion of the small series of furniture in the contract is to clarify the change of the price terms, according to the actual situation can be added to the requirements of the contract.

2.The material goods are not the plate

Classic furniture customization can choose his own material, but sometimes use the wrong material also can appear, especially some internal invisible material, such as the filling of office chair, because in it just to watch the appearance can not find the problem, the most hateful thing some bad manufacturer, may also be deliberately shoddy, wrap cheaper inferior material to fill, At this time, we need to go to the relevant properties of the material and the feel of the material, or occasional sampling to verify.

3.Appearance modeling error

Classic office furniture customization is different from the conventional standard manufacturing, some companies in the customization of too complex process of classic office furniture, it is easy to appear the original custom plan deviation, especially in the appearance of the structure, sometimes there will be some slight deviation, in order to avoid too much modification and extend the delivery time, To the classic office furniture manufacturers clearly require the details of the deviation range value, if it belongs to the acceptable range, as long as it does not affect the quality and use, it can also be accepted and delivered.

The relationship between classic office furniture and office space design

1. Harmony and unity of classic office furniture and office space design

Unification of style: due to the differences in culture, industry and occupational functions, the office space design fully reflects the social etiquette, ethics, hierarchy and occupational differences. Classic office furniture design and layout pay attention to square, regular, symmetrical, formed in the social culture and indoor environment coordination.

You fill and improve the function: different office environment needs different functional furniture design, for the shopping environment, the need for shelves, exhibition stands, cash registers and storage cabinets, but generally now need to consider the rest chair to you fill and improve the shopping environment, to meet the needs of people.

Highlights in office space design: the actual office space design should consider and highlight the theme, the reception desk of the company into the reception hall, the big desk of the manager's office, the classic office furniture screen should become the visual center and highlight of people.

2. The mutual restriction of classic office furniture and office space design

The restriction of office space design to furniture: consider the relation of space to the size of office furniture, the relation of color to the environment, the relation and influence of space to human psychology.

Classic office furniture on the constraints of office space design: different classic office furniture corresponding to different indoor environment and design requirements, furniture design should be considered, reflect the interior function and environment of the idea, personality requirements.

3. How to design classic office furniture

First of all, there should be a wide range of practical cultural knowledge of modern society, artistic accomplishment. Secondly, it combines architecture, interior and furniture to achieve a more perfect combination and unity in function and art. Finally, new technologies and new materials are adopted to meet the increasing demands of society.

Classic office furniture feng shui four taboos

1. the door is the only way to get in and out of the office, is the ventilation mouth of the office, if there is no rely on after the seat, behind the long-term people coming and going of the miscellany gas impact, the owner will be in a subconscious state of tension for a long time, psychological always suspect that someone is peeping, resulting in thoughts and confusion and decision-making errors. It is best to adjust the position of the desk, change to the position of the door to sit; If there is no way to adjust the position, you can choose a chair with a higher backrest to sit, so that there is a backer behind, but also to block the impact of miscellaneous gas.

2. the front of the desk to open, open in front of the future, and the opposite side of the seat can not have a pillar, like a good head to drink, affect thinking and decision. Also note that the top of the head of the top of the million can not be pressed beam, will cause uneasy. If it is the face of the wall, the future will be like the wall block general, luck can not be expanded. Seat placement in the door office efficiency is poor, the office, the higher the position from the door more far. The positive, flank of the desk cannot be a walkway, be like the road to rush like rush, can have bad influence.

3. The office should not be too dark. The office should be light enough, bright and pleasant, so that the performance can be thriving, good people head. Reward and punishment are clear, and the employees do their best and are responsible. On the other hand, dark and gloomy offices often bring about obstacles and frustrations, as well as a tendency for small people to rule and low morale among employees.

4. the office should be spacious. The front of the office of the Ming Hall, is a departure, so the Ming Hall, that is, the front of the office of the position, can be said to directly refer to the future of the unit. So if the Ming Hall of the office is narrow and occlusion, it is bound to symbolize the limited future of the unit, many obstacles, and difficult development. After that, if the office inside and outside the hall are open and quiet, it means that the company or the unit, the future is like brocade, smooth and successful.

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