What are the popular trends of office furniture

The home furnishing industry is always a traditional industry, but the popular trend is no better than that of the technology industry. If you can’t catch the trend, classic office furniture will not keep up with the times after you buy it. will take you to know the 2020 furniture trend in advance.  Fashion trend 1: Simple design is popular  Starbucks has a slogan, 'Starbucks is your second office.' This is what office furniture companies are trying their best to present this year-the future office will have a more diverse and rich appearance: technology has allowed people to 'work everywhereConvenient coffee, you can work while contacting your work partner. This trend is confirmed at the office exhibition: more and more office furniture structures are simplified; work materials can be collected in a small U disk, e-books gradually replace traditional books, and storage requirements are greatly reduced; monitors It becomes an LCD screen, and the desktop area is also reduced; the company’s daily meetings and business communicate through video and telephone, and employees do not need a long office when they move around each other... 'Maybe as long as a sofa, WIFI and a screenIt's exaggerated, but it may not be a reality.  Fashion trend 2: Modular combination flexible office  Restructuring office space and office furniture design has been considered a very valuable investment, and the main force of design innovation is IT companies and creative industry companies that emphasize creativity the most. The offices of Google and Facebook used to be the dreams of professionals, attracting countless newcomers to the workplace—free, but full of endless imagination and creativity. 'That's where the real work is!' While their offices became a role model for companies to learn from, they also became one of the most successful Internet companies.   Walking into the office furniture exhibition hall, the most direct feeling this year is that it is relaxed, casual, and environmentally friendly, such as the different shades of green that come to your face. Some exhibitors are also designing water wells in the exhibition area to raise some aquatic plants, and some directly use lawns to design modules to reflect the green life of the office environment. Not only the office furniture has a trend towards civilian furniture, but even the design of the office environment incorporates many home elements.   The concept of 'make work a humanized office lifestyle' has been deeply rooted in the hearts of manufacturers. For example, when designing classic office furniture like a Rubik's Cube, it can be transformed into a variety of different combinations or shapes to meet local conditions. At the Kailin furniture booth, the newly launched NK series this year is not only environmentally friendly, simple and fashionable, but also fully displays the 'plasticity of the office environmentThe concept of cross-border integration such as, art, etc.  Fashion Trend 3: Material Revolution and Process Innovation  In the past, the main materials of office furniture were hemp, MDF, metal, glass, etc. Nowadays, the materials are richer and closer to the selection of civilian furniture, making the office environment very life-like. Liu Xiaohong, a professor at Shunde Vocational and Technical College, believes that the revolution of materials means the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In his view, domestic furniture is mainly focused on the pursuit of shape and surface decoration, and little attention is paid to materials, craftsmanship and structure, and many new materials have not been well applied.
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