What are the product categories of office furniture factories?

As an important branch of the furniture industry, classic office furniture has a certain social nature. Its type, function, form, style and manufacturing level all reflect the social life and working methods of a country and region in a certain historical period. The level of civilization reflects the social life and work style of a country and region in a certain historical period, and the level of social material civilization, and it is also the epitome of a certain life and work style. With the progress and development of society, in order to meet people's office needs to the greatest extent, classic office furniture has created many unprecedented new varieties and styles of furniture to help people create a more comfortable, more beautiful, more scientific, and richer cultural and artistic style. Working environment and living environment. Another feature of modern office furniture is the diversification of materials, structures, technology and styles, resulting in a wide variety of office furniture, diversified forms, increasing use functions, and expanding application environments. can be divided into desk type, office chair type, storage type, screen type, conference table type and sitting type furniture according to meeting people's use needs and different places of use.   writing desks    writing desks generally range from shift desks and clerical desks, and their specifications should be diversified and serialized, requiring bright, smooth lines and elegant colors. According to the size, materials and technology, it is divided into grades. The materials and shapes of writing desks vary according to different users. The executive desk is generally made of solid wood, which is thick and atmospheric, and can reveal the identity of the user. It is composed of a main desk, a side cabinet, and a movable cabinet. The middle shift desk and the small shift desk are also mainly composed of the main desk, side cabinets, and movable cabinets, but the size specifications are relatively small. The function of the movable cabinet is mainly to supplement the function of the table frame. The table top has a linear shape or an L shape, which is supported by a cabinet or directly supported by a pillar.   There is a clear difference between the clerical desk and the shift desk, which tends to be practical, economical, and tidy in groups. The desks of senior executives often simply pursue luxury and style in design, and even simply use the size of the desk as the endorsement of the image.  Office chairs category   In modern office furniture, chairs are an important category. There are two main types of office chairs: one type is swivel chairs with five-star feet, including executive chairs and general office swivel chairs, most of which have armrests. The other is wooden chairs. Wooden chairs are also divided into two categories: with armrests and without armrests. Office wooden chairs are different from dining chairs. Generally, they have a lower backrest, mostly soft seating and soft backrests. In addition to matching with desks, they can also be used in meeting rooms. The basic function of a chair is to support the human body and provide people with sitting functions. However, the higher level of office chairs requires that they can be used in both working and resting states. Therefore, office chairs generally have reclining and lifting functions to achieve this requirement. The lifting of the office chair is realized by the pneumatic rod and the tilting structure, which is divided into front type, middle type and synchronous tilting.    conference table category   conference tables can be divided into conference tables suitable for meetings of different sizes or negotiation tables for business negotiations. Its height is the same as that of office furniture. The size of the countertop can be large or small. The large conference table adopts the combined type, and the small conference table and negotiation table are mostly single large panels. The design of the conference table is based on the number of users and the width that no one needs. The shape of the conference table is very simple, the edge of the countertop is thicker to balance with the large-scale countertop, and a partition can be set under the countertop to place small items that you carry with you, or there is no partition.
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