What are the surface materials of office furniture?

There is not only one kind of surface material for office furniture. According to the types currently circulating in the classic office furniture market, there are also several applications for the surface material of office furniture. The surface materials of these different office furniture are either made of material or painted. Let's analyze in detail, what are the surface materials of these different classic office furniture, and what are their characteristics? Let's take a look with the editor of the office furniture factory today. 1. Melamine board surface. This type of board is also called triamine board or ecological board. The board surface is made of particle board or density board, and then a layer of paper soaked in melamine resin is pasted on the surface. The appearance pattern can be chosen at will, which is more fashionable. Beautiful, it is the main application board of modern office furniture, and it has the characteristics of fireproof, moisture-proof and scratch-proof at the same time. 2. The solid wood paint board surface is mainly solid wood board desktop, the surface is sprayed with paint. At present, most of them are paint, and some water-based paints are used. However, water-based paint is not as good as paint because of its price protection, so it is still more paint. is mainly used for board surface, but the disadvantage of paint is that it is not environmentally friendly and afraid of fire. 3. Solid wood veneer board surface, a new-born office furniture surface material technology in the market, can better satisfy people's artistic pursuit of various precious solid woods. The walnut pattern is very beautiful, and the office furniture is more beautiful, but there are several Can be used by individuals? In fact, many people do not fancy the precious wood itself, but the artistic sense that this wood texture brings, and the wood veneer technology can make the panel office furniture appear pure solid wood on the surface, but The price is lower.

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