What are the ways to customize office furniture?

Nowadays, most customers will find some manufacturers to customize when choosing office furniture, but there are also many friends who don't know how to customize and what methods are available. Therefore, furniture manufacturers come to talk to you about the way to customize classic office furniture, let’s take a look at it together!    customization method 1:    If your needs only need to replace a batch of old furniture, then you need to list the replacements From the list, this step is indispensable, because the utilization rate and breakage rate of the furniture are also different, and the depreciation rate of each office furniture will also be different. Some furniture is still very good and you don’t need to list it on the list.   Generally speaking, the front desk workstations, waiting area chairs, reception desks and chairs, etc. are relatively high in use. They can be replaced with a new batch if they have exceeded their service life or have a high degree of wear and tear. Among them, the degree of wear and tear of the staff's office furniture during use will be much lower, so considering the actual situation, it is necessary to repurchase and replace. customization method 2:    A new building is built, or the building needs to be renovated as a whole, it will be necessary for the manufacturer to directly issue the overall procurement plan for classic office furniture. At this time, more attention should be paid to the budget and quotation of the procurement plan. Give the budget, and then let the manufacturer make a quote to see if the token does not meet the specific requirements. It should be noted that no matter which manufacturer’s quotation is not equal to your budget, the price will fluctuate. The situation is normal, and coordination and communication between the two parties are needed at this time.
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