What aspects of office furniture care and cleaning must be done?

To maintain the original brightness of classic office furniture, there are currently two furniture care products: furniture care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents. The former is mainly for furniture made of wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber sheet and other materials, and has two different fresh fragrances of jasmine and lemon. The latter is suitable for all kinds of furniture made of wood, glass, synthetic wood, or Meinaboard, and is especially suitable for furniture made of mixed materials. Therefore, Beijing reminds that if you can use skin care products that have both cleaning and care effects, you can save a lot of precious time. factory care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent before use, it is best to shake it, and then hold the spray can, at a 45-degree angle, so that the liquid components in the can can be completely released without loss of pressure. The desk comes. Then, spray it on the dry cloth at a distance of about 15 cm, so that you can wipe the furniture again and it will have a good cleaning and maintenance effect.   In addition, after using the cloth, remember to wash it and dry it. As for furniture with fabric materials, such as fabric sofas and leisure cushions, you can use cleaning and maintenance agents for cleaning carpets. The office furniture company reminds that when using it, first use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust, and then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on a damp cloth to wipe it.   When cleaning and maintaining custom classic office furniture, you must first make sure that the cloth used is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn it over or change to a clean cloth before using it. Don't be lazy and reuse the soiled side again and again. This will only cause the dirt to rub on the surface of the furniture repeatedly, which will damage the shiny surface of the furniture.
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