What aspects should be paid attention to when customizing office furniture?

The office is an office place, so the environment for customized classic office furniture is very important. The office environment should be auspicious, which means that the feng shui of the office is related to the prosperity and failure of the business and the success or failure of the career. Both men and women will put career as the most important thing. The success of the career should be based on the right time and the right people. The right time and people can't be changed, but the right place can be changed. The desk is a solid backing for the office.    Therefore, the placement of the desk is also very particular. Therefore, I summarized a few points on the placement of the desk:    First of all, the desk cannot be placed directly opposite the door. It is for the business people to operate better, and there should not be too much emptiness behind the desk.  Secondly, office furniture in Beijing is generally not to be placed next to windows near the sidewalk. It is foul and prying.   Again, the classic office furniture company is on the left side of the dragon's seat, so general office feng shui supplies must be placed on the left side of the desk, such as computers must be placed on the left side, in order to be better in business. In addition: men and women have different attention to the decorations in the office. Women should place red ribbons or photo frames in the upper left corner of the office. This will increase popularity and gain the trust of the boss; men should place crystals in the upper right corner of the office. Class, these little things can prosper your career.  Also, the office furniture factory is placed on the right side of the door and squint at the door, which is also taboo. This will cause low work efficiency and affect your own health. Do not have windows behind office furniture. It is also a taboo for operators to sit next to the window, which will disturb people's spirits for a long time.
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