What basis does the office furniture factory have for custom-made charges?

Now it is more cost-effective to customize classic office furniture, so that the quality work can be completed according to the actual situation of our office, and other issues are not necessary for everyone to worry about. However, we must measure the cost of custom-made classic office furniture factories in advance, so that we can know which manufacturer's charges are reasonable and cost-effective. Then how are such manufacturers' charges calculated?   charges are based on the material. In fact, the custom-made cost of office furniture factories still depends on the corresponding product materials we choose. The cost of furniture of different types of materials will definitely have great differences. For example, now major manufacturers are more recognized, solid wood furniture quotations are generally compared High, so even if it is customized, the charge will not be low. Everyone should do the corresponding measurement work and determine the material of the furniture, which is helpful to our purchase.  Custom style style will also affect the price.  Because the custom-made styles of the classic office furniture factories we choose are different, the price impact is also great, and it is recommended that everyone should do the basic confirmation work. If it is some more complex style products, then the cost of customization is certainly not low, so it is recommended to do a more comprehensive price, choose the right product, and then ensure the cost-effectiveness is the most critical point.
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