What do you need to know about office furniture customization?

1. It can realize the different personalized requirements of different customers for furniture. In traditional marketing methods, classic office furniture manufacturers usually follow simple sales market surveys and follow the current furniture fashion trends into expert research and production. However, the furniture manufactured in this way does not meet the requirements at all, that is to say, the style cannot be considered for personal needs. Customized marketing and promotion will segment the market to the individual and design and conceive furniture according to their own regulations. The customer is the designer of the furniture. Certain special regulations can be clearly put forward based on my hobbies, such as color matching, humanized specifications and models. 2. Reduce inventory hoarding. Under the traditional marketing method, classic office furniture manufacturers are looking for economic profits and reducing production costs based on large-scale manufacturing. If the sales market is slightly unexpected, such large-scale manufacturing furniture will also inevitably cause hot sales or inventory backlogs. , Leading to resource indulgence. Customized marketing and promotion are manufactured based on customer orders, and there is basically no inventory, which speeds up the working capital. 3. Reduce marketing and promotion costs. In traditional marketing methods, in order to occupy the sales market, furniture companies usually drive sales based on advertising wording, establishment of dealerships for business promotion, etc., so the cost is relatively high. And if the furniture quality is solid and the price is effective, the furniture can be sold successfully. In the customized marketing promotion, the manufacturer immediately responded to the customer to reduce the sales stage, and also reduced various costs. 4. It is beneficial to speed up product development. Under the traditional marketing method, many interior designers of classic office furniture manufacturers are complacent. They only carry out product research and development based on simple market research. The design and conceived furniture is very limited and cannot satisfy the requirements of the masses. In the custom marketing promotion, interior designers have many opportunities to communicate with customers back to back, and it is easy to know the customer's regulations, so that they can develop and design products that are close to customer requirements.
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