What is a post-modern style? From its origin to start

The postmodern style what mean? Many people don't understand. In time, post-modern style is art in Europe and the United States in the 1960 s, the movement of social culture and philosophy, and popular in the west in the 1970 s and 80 s. Its essence lies in giving up the basic premise of modernity and its normative content. First, its history and decorate the stance, modernism has always opposed to decoration, postmodern style has restored the decoration, in particular nutrient can be extracted from history. And rationalization of modernism, indifference and severe form contrast. Second, it to compromise the incentives of historical position. Post-modern style is not just restore historical style, but the historical style of abstraction and mix. This compromise is largely based on the structure of the modernistic design. Third, it's entertaining and vagueness of the decorative details is about more than ten years to serious rebellion of expressionism and indifference, new decoration details are used to in the design, implementation more irrational elements and fuzzy natural effect, so as to realize the effect of relaxation and stretching. The advent of postmodern furniture is people in highly developed industrial society to seek after the results of the psychological balance. Due to the highly developed system of society, people's life style is almost unity. Postmodern furniture designers provide opportunities for expressing its aesthetic intent and life value. At the same time, it points out to people in the period of confusion leads to the direction of the ideal life. Absorb the essence of the post-modern art Senbetter meaning type furniture, in the light of luxury, contracted and find their own balance. Mature with gorgeous color, line and high-end materials, achievements Senbetter series of extraordinary quality.
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