What is the difference between customized and customized office furniture?

Many customers, when talking with furniture customer service, will say that we want to find you to customize a batch of classic office furniture; but in the subsequent communication, furniture customer service found that some customers said 'customizedWhat is the 'customizationToday, the furniture editor will professionally explain to you what is the difference between customization and customization of office furniture: 1. The 'customization' and 'customization' mentioned by customers are actually the same under certain circumstances, but It is divided into two situations: First, some customers believe that our office furniture is out of stock and needs to be produced by order, which means that customers understand our overall process, so it is called 'customized.' Second, some customers understand our production cycle, and the point is that we need to tailor it according to its office space, style, size, color, etc., so it is what she calls 'customization'. For the customer, these two situations seem to have no essential difference on the surface, but in fact there are certain differences. 2. From a professional and rigorous point of view, 'customization' is an act of commercial intention, with the intention of cooperation, but the possibility of variables; 'customization' means that the two parties have reached an agreement and determined that there may be variables. Less sex. So there is still a certain gap.

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