What is the technological process of panel office furniture?

Introduction: Panel office furniture has the advantages of saving wood and reducing production costs. For consumers, panel classic office furniture is also relatively cheap and affordable, but durable and cost-effective furniture. Do you know what the process flow of panel office furniture is? The editor of the office furniture factory below introduces you the technical requirements and process of panel office furniture. [Panel office furniture] Process flow of panel office furniture Process requirements for panel office furniture In recent years, panel office furniture has diverse designs and stylish shapes, and is loved by modern office enterprises. Panel office furniture is not only functional and practical, but environmental protection and quality are more critical , And these two important points are derived from raw materials and production processes. Let us first understand the basic knowledge of the production process of panel classic office furniture. 1. Production process requirements and tools used: paper press, electronic walking saw, gang saw, nail frame, cold press, double-head saw, row drill, sliding table saw, end milling machine, flower slot machine, edge banding machine, etc. . 2. Production of fire-resistant decorative panels: Fire-resistant decorative panels: cutting-edge banding (pressing plate-edge clearing and slotting-gong machine)-drilling-trial installation-packing. 3. Process requirements for fireproof decorative panels: the processed boards and paper must be firmly and smoothly pasted. Degumming, separation, bubbles, scratches, wrinkles, indentations and other debris are not allowed. 4. The gluing of the plates of the press should be firm and no degumming is allowed. When the plates are assisted in, they must be aligned with the two adjacent sides of the frame. After cold pressing, the position deviation of the upper and lower plates is less than 37.5px. 5. The mold making of the milling machine must be accurate, and the shape and size after processing must be consistent with the drawing, and the allowable tolerance of the non-joint bending position is ±1.5mm. 6. Quality requirements for manual installation: The components must be installed firmly, and the surface of the board must be kept clean. Scratches, indentations, bumps, abrasions, etc. are not allowed on the surface. 7. The parts after trimming are not allowed to have wounds, sand wounds, scratches, etc., keep the board surface clean, and do not allow wood chips, glue and other sundries. The edge strips after manual trimming must be smooth, and the right-angled parts must be sanded, and the right-angles must be maintained, and not sanded into an arc shape. Panel office furniture production process 1. Computer cutting; 2. Mechanical edge banding; 3. High-speed drilling; 4. Mechanical forming; 5. Quality inspection; 6. Mechanical sanding; 7. Patching putty; 8. Sealing Bottom; 9. Manual sanding; 10. Quality inspection again; 11. Spray primer; 12. Repeated grinding; 13. Spray topcoat; 14. Dust and dry; 15. Quality inspection again; 16. Three-layer packaging. has been focusing on the production and customization of environmentally friendly classic office furniture for 15 years. All raw materials are made of E0 grade boards. The formaldehyde content is ≤9mg/100g, and the density reaches the standard 700KG/m3. It has undergone strict sterilization and insecticidal treatment; the drying rate is less than 9% moisture content. ; Abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, acid and alkali resistance; 30% less than traditional furniture companies.

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