What kind of plant is better to put on the office furniture desk?

What kind of plant is better to put on the classic office furniture desk? For office workers, sitting in front of their desks every day is burdened with boring work. Many people like to put some green plants on their desks. One is to adjust the air to absorb harmful gases. On the other hand, It can regulate emotions, but few people care that the plants on the desk also affect a person's luck and feng shui. So how should plants be placed on classic office furniture? Arrangement method: place plants on the appropriate position of your desk according to your five element preferences, look at your preferences, flowers and directions, and avoid placing plants on your own taboo, so that your fortune will be affected. influences. Don't decorate: some high-grade plants, such as kumquats and rich trees, will have blessings such as 'fortune' and 'good luck' on them. Don't remove the decorations easily. If you remove the ribbons, you will incur various hidden dangers. Variety selection: Cactus, creeper, etc., if placed in an uncomfortable position, it is easy to cause trouble. Leaders will pick up thorns when doing things, positions will be replaced by people, and it is easy to offend villains, such as thorny roses, roses, tulips, etc. The flowers are generally flowers that bless love. If you put thorny roses or singular flowers, I am afraid that your rare fate will be caused by some inadvertent 'small thorns' to make you solo. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the selection of plant varieties. plant maintenance: If the plant leaves are yellow, they must be pruned off in time, otherwise the withered yellow gas of the plant will decline, and your fortune will also be implicated, and there will be various phenomena of decline; if there are flowers and plants that are about to die, they must not Throw it away and try to transplant some vigorous plants to replace the dead plants. Carefulness is indispensable everywhere in life, and we must do our best for small things, not only the selection and maintenance of plants, but also keeping office desks and chairs tidy and clean at ordinary times can also maintain efficient office efficiency, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. effect.
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