What problems should be paid attention to in the purchase of office furniture

What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing classic office furniture? Why can't the procurement of office furniture be casual? Then you are going to study these related office furniture purchasing knowledge with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture! What problems should be paid attention to in the purchase of office furniture? Modern people spend almost the same time in the office as they do at home. The purchase of office furniture directly affects people's working environment and health, so pay special attention when purchasing office furniture! For purchasing office furniture, in addition to appearance, it is also important to have strong functionality. In addition to this, the most important thing is the quality of the product itself. The materials used in different office furniture are different, mainly divided into MDF solid wood veneer, fireproof board triamine board veneer and hardware series. The solid wood office furniture is elegant and connotative, the plate office furniture is fashionable and modern, and the hardware series furniture is more durable and highlights the metal texture. Today, the editor of Yinghe Purchasing (Integrity Cooperation, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win) has collected some information in this area for everyone. The following are the four main points to note in the procurement of office furniture: 1. Choose, buy office supplies and furniture, the most Good to the regular furniture market, pay attention to buying brand furniture products from well-known furniture manufacturers, and carefully check whether the purchased furniture has a quality inspection report. 2. Smell. The easiest way to identify when buying office supplies and furniture is to smell. If it smells pungent or irritating to the eyes, it indicates that the content of formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds is high, and it is not suitable to buy such Furniture. 3. Check, when purchasing office supplies and furniture, let the furniture factory provide the raw material qualification certificate, check whether the materials used by the furniture factory are qualified, and control the quality from the source. 4. Look, you should carefully check whether the artificial board furniture is edge-sealed. The end face of unsealed furniture will release a large amount of formaldehyde, which is not suitable for purchase. The above are the precautions of the Guangzhou office furniture editor for common office furniture purchases. I hope it will be helpful to you who are reading the article. The above article comes from Guangzhou Decoration Co., Ltd. (http://www.gzcright.com/), a company specializing in high-end office furniture customization. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Service Hotline: 400-028-1816 Tel: 020-36772045 Mobile: 13929572092
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