What should be paid attention to in the design of office furniture?

With the development of social economy, practical, comfortable, efficient and multifunctional office furniture has come to everyone, and the selection and design of office furniture has become an important part of office design. Today, the editor of the office furniture factory will talk to you about how to improve the functionality of designing office furniture. 1. in the reception area of u200bu200bthe front desk The reception area of u200bu200bthe company should be equipped with some office furniture, such as reception desk, information cabinet, rest seat and work chair. The reception area at the front desk represents the external image of the company, and the corporate culture should be reflected when choosing office furniture. The classic office furniture in the reception area should pay attention to humanized design, give people a warm and reliable visual and sensory experience, leave a positive impression on customers, and create a good atmosphere for subsequent cooperation. 2. The office furniture of the leadership The classic office furniture of the leadership generally includes the middle desk, file cabinet, talk chair and armchair, etc. The specific situation should be designed and arranged according to the needs of the leader. Leading office furniture should be made of relatively high-end materials. For example, solid wood materials can be imported teak, cherry, or walnut. In addition, glass furniture and steel office furniture are also more suitable for leadership style. These furnitures are simple and flexible, with a strong sense of the times, and are a good choice for office design. 3. in the employee area The office furniture in the employee area mainly includes office desks and chairs, office filing cabinets, desk accessory cabinets and so on. When designing an office, the selection and design of office furniture in the employee area should be practical to ensure that it is fully functional, beautiful and practical. Common materials for employee desks include blockboard, tempered glass panels, multi-layer panels and stainless steel, etc. The specific selection should be determined based on the office design style and actual needs. Functionality of office furniture The functionality of office furniture is the basis for users to work with confidence, can ensure people's safety during use, and is also a prerequisite for the normal realization of other functions of office furniture. Only with a stable foundation can it have a long service life and its durability can be expressed. The above is the sorting out by the editor on this topic, I hope it will be helpful and inspiring for everyone's office design work. If you are planning to purchase office furniture, you must find a professional customized company.

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