What should I pay attention to when buying Italian furniture?

by:Senbetter     2022-03-15

What should I pay attention to when buying Italian furniture? Furniture is not a daily necessities, and it can be replaced at any time if you don’t like it, so we need to be more cautious when buying furniture, and we need to pay attention to many things. Let Xiaobian share with you the problems you need to pay attention to when buying furniture. I hope that Xiaobian's sharing today can help you buy the right furniture.

What should I pay attention to when buying Italian furniture? When we buy furniture, the first thing we need to pay attention to is the size of the furniture. In fact, many people ignore this problem when buying furniture. In the eyes of some people, buying furniture only needs to look about the same size. This is not right. When we buy furniture in Italy, we need to measure the size of the furniture we prevent in advance, so as not to buy furniture that is too large or too small, which will not look good, especially now that many furniture cities are large in size and various furniture The layout is very coordinated and does not feel large, but after we buy it back, there is often a phenomenon that the area of u200bu200bthe living room cannot support the furniture. In addition to the size of the location where we place the furniture, we also need to measure the location of the elevator and stairwell in advance when purchasing Italian furniture. Otherwise, once the furniture is too large, it will be a very embarrassing thing to not be able to enter the elevator.

What should I pay attention to when buying Italian furniture? In addition to size, the style of furniture is also something we need to pay attention to. Now our home decoration has many kinds of decoration styles, and there are many styles of furniture. We buy furniture according to our own home decoration style. For example, if the home decoration is modern and simple style, but the furniture we buy is Chinese classical style, it will be very incongruous, so choose the style of furniture first. Of course, if it is a mix and match decoration style, then the selection of furniture is not so strict. When we buy furniture, we also need to pay attention to the environmental protection of furniture. What kind of furniture is environmentally friendly? Very simple, do not buy furniture with a strong pungent smell. For some furniture, such as cabinets, the odor inside the drawers or the doors of the cabinets is irritating to make people cry when they are purchased, which indicates that the formaldehyde content of this set of furniture is seriously exceeding the standard. This kind of furniture is very harmful to the body, so everyone should never buy such furniture.

The above is about the matters needing attention when buying Italian furniture. I hope my sharing can help you. Senbetter Furniture is a professional imported furniture company. If you need to buy imported furniture, please contact Senbetter Furniture.

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