What should I pay attention to when customizing panel office furniture?

When customizing panel classic office furniture, pay attention to the following points:   1. Surface quality Panel furniture uses particleboard, medium-density fiberboard and other artificial boards as the base material, and the surface is decorated with melamine, fireproof board, veneer and wood grain paper. The pattern of imitation wood grain is clear and natural, smooth and flat. When purchasing, it mainly depends on whether the surface of the board has scratches, blisters, degumming of the edge banding and other defects.   2. Production quality. During the customization process of panel office furniture, the panels are cut, sawed, edge-sealed, and assembled. The quality of its production mainly depends on the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the edge and surface decoration and the quality of the board port. The board for making panel furniture has quality requirements for the flatness, perpendicularity, and angle of the panel parts in the cutting saw. After cutting the board that meets the accuracy requirements, the edge profile is flat and the angle is good, and it will not appear after the furniture is made. The phenomenon of sloping plates.   Third, the quality of hardware, the quality of hardware also determines the internal quality of custom office furniture. The metal parts require dexterity, smoothness, good surface plating treatment, no rust, burrs, etc., and the precision of the mating parts is higher. Plastic parts should be beautiful in appearance and bright in color, and the force and elasticity of the parts in use should be strong and not too thin. The opening type connector requires flexible rotation, and the inner spring should be properly tightened, so that the furniture will be smooth and relaxed during opening and use, and there is no friction.   Fourth, the amount of formaldehyde emission Panel furniture generally uses particleboard and medium-density fiberboard as the base material. Whether the formaldehyde emission in the board meets the national standard. Formaldehyde, also known as formalin, is a poisonous substance harmful to human health. If consumers open the cabinet door or drawer when buying, they can smell a pungent odor, or even cause tearing and coughing in their eyes, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released in the furniture exceeds the standard. You must pay attention to this when customizing office furniture. point.

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