What should I pay attention to when installing office furniture?

When installing office furniture, the most fearful thing is to receive a call from the installer, saying that there is a missing piece of classic office furniture, there is a lack of hardware parts, and the classic office furniture is damaged, and the customer does not accept it. installation precautions are a small part of the installation and should not be ignored. Here is the editor from Guangzhou Factory to share with you what you need to pay attention to when installing office furniture. 1. Time arrangement The products that the merchant is responsible for installing are generally carried out after the completion of the decoration and construction. The owner needs to contact the merchant in advance and make an appointment when it is installed. 2. Avoid destructive installation (1) When the merchant installs the product, the user should do a good job of supervision to avoid destructive installation that damages the material and shape of the office furniture. (2) Before installation, protect the office furniture installation area. For example, protective cardboard should be laid on the floor of the floor tiles, and the freight elevator should also be used; during the handling, avoid scratching the wall. 3. When installing the details of the supervisor, if it is necessary to drill holes on the wall, avoid the water and electricity pipes inside the wall to avoid damage and increase the maintenance work. (3) Hardware installation details. One piece of hardware includes corks, three-in-one, long and short screws, etc., and should be installed according to the drawings. The editor of Guangzhou Factory summarizes the precautions for office furniture installation. There are three links in it. , The general content is different, but one thing is the same, the industry leader learns to supervise and check whether the installation is correct. If you do not accept the final result, you can follow the tips of furniture installation precautions and use the details inside to investigate the professionalism of the master.
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