What standards are followed during classic italian furniture production?

There are some standards to be followed during classic italian furniture productions by manufacturers. These standards prove to be suitable for applications in different countries and regions, which should be strictly implemented. These standards have clarified the specific requirements for product parameters and characteristics, like size, quantity. They also make a clear instruction to the product functions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to abide by these standards for manufacturers to produce reliable products and achieve business profits.
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Senbetter feels like a classic bedroom furniture brand that shows its noble temperament and 'amazing' design all the time. The classic dining room furniture is one of the main products of Youbond Furniture Co., Ltd. In order to comply with the quality standard required by the office supplies industry, Senbetter modern luxury furniture is developed and manufactured according to certain quality standards such as raw materials qualified standard and safety standard. Its incoming materials are inspected carefully. The product has good temperature resistance. Even placed under the sunlight, it is not vulnerable to deform or damage. Its whole production process is monitored to 100% guarantee the quality.
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Our company bears social responsibilities. Reducing harmful emissions is both a direct goal of our company and an indirect result of efficient manufacturing.

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