What to do if office furniture is soaked in water

Have you ever encountered office furniture soaked in water? What should you do after the office furniture is soaked in water? If a pile of office furniture is soaked in water and become completely unrecognizable, throw it away or what to do? If the office furniture is not enough If you use it, then we have to think of some ways to fix it. The following are some tips for repairing office furniture after being soaked in water, summarized by the office furniture factory. Tips for repairing wooden furniture:    1. Don't expose it to the sun. The general wooden classic office furniture will heat up and shrink when exposed to the sun. Some places will be cracked and deformed, and the surface will be more dilapidated. Besides, The structure of the furniture has been destroyed, and the supporting force is not as good as before.  2. It is best to use natural air-drying for soaking furniture. Otherwise, you can turn on the dehumidifier to completely evaporate the moisture of the furniture. At least it will return to a dry state before it will last for a long time. The interior may become moldy. 3. After the classic office furniture is air-dried, if the surface is damaged or scratched, you can make up some paint of the same color, or you can put on a bright paint, and it can be an extra layer of protection. There are even professional furniture maintenance paints, which are suitable for wood Maintenance, anti-mildew and anti-moth.   Other material furniture repair tips:    Metal furniture is most afraid of rust. After soaking in water, it must be wiped clean. Every joint, tenon, etc., can not be ignored, and wipe with rust inhibitor to extend the service life.   Please repair by professional furniture stores. Some furniture manufacturers who do a good job of service repair will have lower service prices for consumers who originally purchased. If you want to repair your furniture carefully, relying on professionalism is one of the ways.  After the above-mentioned repair methods are rescued, the office furniture will not be greatly damaged. If the classic office furniture is soaked in water, the correct treatment method should be used. Whether it is buying or repairing office furniture, the office furniture factory reminds you to be careful, only in this way can you better use office furniture.
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