Where to buy Italian furniture is more reliable?


Many people have the idea of u200bu200bbuying Italian furniture, but in fact, if you really want to buy Italian furniture, you don't know the specific purchase channels, so today I will help you answer where to buy Italian furniture. question, hope it helps.

One: Local Italy

If you have the idea of u200bu200btraveling to Italy in the near future, then the answer to the question of where to buy Italian furniture is obvious. Because direct purchase in Italy is definitely the most reliable, of course, relatively speaking, its shipping and taxes may be higher. However, the price of local purchases in Italy will be cheaper than domestic purchases, so overall, the cost will be slightly lower than domestic purchases.

Two: Professional buying platform

If you don't plan to travel to Italy in the near future, where is the best place to buy Italian furniture? I personally recommend buying it on a professional buying platform. There are actually quite a few professional platforms for buying Italian furniture in China, but most of my friends are used to going to offline physical stores to buy it for me, so I ignored this part. If you buy Italian furniture on these professional buying platforms, the price will be slightly cheaper than other brands. Although the price is cheaper, the quality can be guaranteed.

Three: Official website or flagship store

There are many well-known Italian home furnishing brands that have official websites or official flagship stores, so if you don’t know where to buy Italian furniture, these The official website and the official flagship store are actually a good choice. The price of the official platform will be slightly more expensive, but it can guarantee the purchase of genuine products to the greatest extent. At the same time, the after-sales service of the official website is better, so if everyone If you want to buy Italian furniture, these official websites are also a good choice.

Four: Offline physical stores

In fact, everyone likes to go to offline physical stores when buying household products. The number of offline physical stores selling Italian furniture in China is actually There are many, so if you really have related needs, you can go directly to the offline store to find out, their price will be higher, but you can directly feel the quality and comfort of the furniture, so Also a good choice.

Now everyone knows where to buy Italian furniture. In fact, if you want to buy, you can consider far more channels than the above four, but for most people, the above four methods are The most practical, so if you want to buy Italian furniture or want to know about Italian furniture, you must not forget the above four ways.

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