Which aspects of the cultural value of office furniture innovation should be done well?

Innovative cultural value of office furniture: 1. The design of office furniture should be in harmony with the customer's building structure and be integrated organically. Reasonable and effective use of space to maximize the benefits of the office space, tailored to the location, and the entire office space has a strong sense of design. 2. The design of classic office furniture should fully consider the customer’s organizational structure, the number of people and functions in the department, and meet the particularity of each department’s work and the requirements for desktop space. 3. The design of office furniture should meet the needs of the customer’s management culture, in terms of openness and Choose between privacy and privacy. Some companies emphasize communication and coordination, some companies emphasize trust and authorization, and some emphasize independent work. Our office furniture design requires the convenience of customer management. 4. The highest level of office furniture design is to innovate cultural value, which also creates individuality, creates beauty and artistic value. This requires us to combine the characteristics of the customer's corporate culture, product image and the requirements of the CI strategy. The low standard is to implement the decoration intention and conform to the decoration style; the high standard is to make up for the lack of decoration, and complement and complement the decoration project. 5. Style design is the soul of interior design, and it is also the most eye-catching part. The same graphic design can be applied in different styles. On the one hand, style design is related to graphic design, and more weight depends on the style and color of classic office furniture. This also requires full consideration of the individual and unique requirements of customers; on the other hand, it must meet the aesthetic requirements and pursue beauty. And artistic value, to create unique cultural value for customers.

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