White office furniture maintenance knowledge

White classic office furniture, no matter what style it is, can easily win the favor of young consumers. Because of the combination of her classical and modern beauty, she feels fresh and natural at home. However, white furniture also has its inherent shortcomings, because it is white, it is very tiring in maintenance and care, and it is prone to yellowing. The furniture will introduce you to several economic and cost-saving, simple and easy tips to wipe office furniture: ■ Toothpaste: Toothpaste can whiten office furniture. White office furniture will turn yellow if you use it for a long time. If you wipe it with toothpaste, it will change, but you should not use too much force during operation, otherwise the paint film will be damaged. ■Milk: Milk can eliminate the peculiar smell inside office furniture. Put a cup of boiled milk inside the office furniture (cabinet), close the cabinet door tightly, take it out after the milk cools, and the original peculiar smell in the office furniture will disappear. ■Vinegar: Restoring the gloss of office furniture depends on vinegar. Many furniture will lose their original luster after aging. At this time, just add a small amount of vinegar to the hot water, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar water. After the water is completely dry, use office furniture polishing wax to restore the gloss. ■Glycerin: When cleaning office furniture, drop a few drops of glycerin in the water to clean more thoroughly. However, do not use water to scrub, let alone soapy water or alkaline water. This will affect the surface finish of the office furniture and even cause the paint surface to fall off. The above are a few tips for daily maintenance of office furniture provided by Guangzhou , but if you want to thoroughly clean office furniture, it is best to seek a cleaning company.

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