Why can office furniture become the strong in the weak market? |FAQs|

In the traditional classic office furniture market, there are various tests, and the manufacturers that can survive at present have their own merits. The success of Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers is: to provide customers with satisfactory products and honest services! Nowadays, traditional office furniture stores are undergoing major tests, and some dealers who can survive and whose business is still booming all have their own tactics. Dave's brilliant strategy is to provide the most scarce product in the office furniture market-integrity + service. Mr. Ruan, born in the 1980s, has been in the office furniture business for 18 years. When he and his peers are generally pursuing expansion, he did the opposite, choosing to 'shrink' and 'transform, Pursue personalized high-end customized products. Due to the economic slowdown, the oversupply of building materials and furniture, and seven-eighths of the time he started his business at the same time, he is not heavily in debt, and has already closed out of the office furniture industry. And Mr. Ruan’s customized office furniture business has been doing well in the past two years, which is praised everywhere. Most of the company’s business is basically customers and Mr. Ruan, who was introduced from the introduction, seems very indifferent to the current booming situation: So being able to survive in the midst of sorrow lies in his ten years of 'showing weakness'. Mr. Ruan was born in a suburban countryside. Perhaps it was the hard work and hard life in the countryside that developed his diligent and rigorous personality. When his companions started their own businesses and became bosses, after graduating from a design school, he happened to enter a large office furniture company to do some 'miscellaneous tasks' such as procurement, quality inspection, and after-sales acceptance that had nothing to do with design. He worked for 8 years. The reason why he started his business is because of the encouragement of several colleagues and cooperating customers. Upstream partners, colleagues around him, and downstream customers put him in a 'yellow robe of trustSwitching to customized office furniture: the main brand of honesty + environmental protection and health. In 2014, log office furniture became a hot topic. Guangzhou classic office furniture company 'offered' from the field of log furniture and moved to 'customized solid wood office furniture'. 'Revere the laws of the market and choose to 'retire'. It is more courage and confidence than to support face expansion!' President Ruan told the team: Today, the classic office furniture market is oversupplied. There is also service, which is precisely the product that customers need most. Although customization is not as easy as selling products, the design and construction were initially unstable with the foundation. Mr. Ruan insisted on one thing, no matter the design or construction quality of the business within his own company, he must definitely keep the bottom line and ensure the quality and quantity. The integrity management of the past few years has fully let customers understand the recognition of Guangzhou Co., Ltd. from quality to integrity. It will be good if the reputation is good. Many businesses in the 'Golden Nine and Silver Ten' have always insisted on this, isn't it? ! ! The above article originated from Guangzhou Decoration Co., Ltd. (http://www.gzcright.com/), a company specializing in custom office furniture. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Service Hotline: 400-028-1816 Tel: 020-36772045 Mobile: 13929575092
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