Why do Italian furniture leading global?

The furniture of Italian furniture design concept leading global, its the meticulous carving, the craft is consummate, the experience of products has been leading the global furniture. Most pure hand-carved meaning type furniture is decorated with exquisite carvings, wood to prevent fracture in the machining process, Italian furniture raw materials must be soft and tough, fine lines can not prominent, so often in the outdoor exposure time of more than one year. Experienced craftsmen carved on wood simple shapes, remove the raw material itself branches section, to be prepared for the later work. Artisans using pure manual craft, carving the wood into vines, whirlpool, flowers and other strong modelling or artistic works. After many artisan craftsmanship, each piece of furniture imports are lifelike carving pattern. Furniture is also a round, not only enrich the visual experience, both practical and beautiful sex. Gold foil craft familiar with import furniture consumers must be familiar with gold foil. Gold is a very ancient art, construction of this technology at home and abroad have very, very widely used, to express its grand or dignity. Gold foil craft use polyester washing, hammer, cut the foil and so on more than ten working procedure, thickness of less than one over ten of a millimeter. These bright, soft, thin, thin gold foil, foil shape must by professional artisans in various process meticulously, is therefore an Italian household will have such a value. The most elaborate process of Italian furniture is attention to detail, each piece of hardware accessories meticulously. Furniture combination coordination, seam tightly even. Artisans craft, taste and inspiration is passed down by life and spirit. Under the Italian art nourishing, every piece of furniture has become a collection of high-quality goods, each has a luxurious furniture is spirit and unique is unique existence.
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