Why don't office furniture manufacturers have so many stocks?

For those who are inexperienced in purchasing office furniture, they think it will be more convenient to purchase office furniture directly from stock. In fact, for office furniture manufacturers, there are not so many office furniture in stock. procurement itself is a relatively complicated process. There are so many factors to consider for the configuration of office furniture. It is obviously not an easy task for the purchaser to find the right spot. So why the stock of office furniture is relatively small, mainly because of the following reasons. Therefore, the customer must prepare well after understanding these conditions. From the perspective of office furniture manufacturers, the manufacture of office furniture requires a lot of cost, especially some high-end office furniture, which costs very high, and the finished products need to be stocked in warehouses. And the finished office furniture may not be available, so manufacturers will not prepare bulk stocks. From the customer's point of view, the customer's own needs are different, and sometimes the finished furniture is different from the customer's own needs (the choice of office furniture should be consistent with the decoration style in the office), the size, style, style of office furniture, etc. All of them have to be considered, so the spot is obviously not very popular in combination with many factors, so it is recommended to make a reasonable matching plan through the customization of office furniture. Moreover, office furniture styles are updated relatively quickly. At the same time, the level of customer demand is also different, and the price of different office furniture panels varies greatly. Therefore, there will not be much classic office furniture in stock. It is recommended that customers grasp the time in advance when purchasing office furniture. Generally, it takes about 17 days for panel office furniture customization, and about 45 days for solid wood office furniture production cycle. Therefore, based on the above situation, it is recommended to choose office furniture customization.
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