Why is it that the main materials of office furniture will be particleboard and MDF?

Then take a look with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture, to learn and understand! In the classic office furniture industry, there are many kinds of boards, mainly particleboard, density board, large core board, fireproof board and so on. However, in the domestic panel furniture industry, solid wood particle board (a type of particle board) and MDF (a type of density board) are the most used materials. Because these two kinds of boards are relatively more suitable for the development of China's wardrobe industry in terms of price and quality, but the two kinds of boards are also very different in essence. The following is a detailed explanation of the difference between the two types of boards: solid wood particle board 1, physical properties, solid wood particle board, in fact, is a kind of particle board produced by the process of particle board. The scientific name of homogeneous particle board is oriented structure particle board. It is a kind of small diameter wood, thinning wood, wood core, board bark, branch wood, etc. as raw materials, processed by special equipment to grow 40mm, 70mm, width 5mm, 20mm, thickness 0.3mm, 0.7 mm shavings, after drying, sizing and special equipment, the surface core layer shavings are laid in criss-cross orientation, and then formed by hot pressing (the pressure reaches more than 3000 Pa). After the solid wood particle board is dried by an advanced single-channel dryer, the expansion coefficient is small, and the moisture resistance is very good. The particle board is pavement layer by layer, so its internal texture is uniform, which is better than that of ordinary particle board and The powdered density board must have strong nail holding power, bending and compression resistance, and stability. 2. Decorative performance. Solid wood particle board is a board made of wood scraps as raw materials, using certain physical and chemical methods to participate in adhesives or other additives. Compared with natural firewood, it has a wide board surface, smooth and smooth appearance, no knots, bug holes and anisotropy, no warpage, no cracking, high physical and mechanical strength, equal longitudinal and lateral strength, sound insulation, and mildew resistance. , Economy, heat preservation, etc. 3. The amount of environmental performance colloid used is only an indicator to determine the formaldehyde content. The density of solid wood particle board is higher, and the wood fiber particles in the board are larger. Unlike the small wood fiber of MDF, it preserves the essence of natural firewood. The glue content of solid wood particle board is generally less than 5% in the use of adhesives. , And the glue content of MDF is 7%, so the environmental protection performance of solid wood particle board is better than MDF. Now most of the high-end furniture uses E1 solid wood particle board, which is the highest level of environmental protection. Because the wood is treated with high temperature, high pressure and sterilization, it is not prone to mold and insects. Density board 1. The physical properties of MDF is a kind of density board. According to the national standard GB11718-89: wood fiber or other plant fibers are used as raw materials, and aldehyde urea resin or other applicable adhesives are applied to make the density Plates in the range of 0.50 to 0.88 are called medium and high-density fiberboards, or 'medium fiberboards' for short. MDF has uniform fiber structure and high bonding strength between fibers, so its static bending strength, plane tensile strength and elastic modulus are good. But the screw-holding force is weaker than that of solid wood particle board, because MDF is ground wood into fibers, which completely changes the structure of wood. And the moisture absorption, water absorption performance and thickness expansion rate are relatively high. Medium-density boards are divided into high-density boards, medium-density boards, and low-density boards according to their different quotas. 2. Decorative performance. Because the surface of MDF is flat and smooth, it is convenient to glue and plan veneer and tissue paper and other decorative materials, and it is convenient to finish and save paint. MDF has a weaker nail holding power than particleboard. If the screws are loosened after tightening, it is difficult to fix the connection between the board and the board because the strength is worse than that of the solid wood particle board. 3. Processing performance Since MDF is ground into fibers from logs, it completely changes the structure of the wood. Therefore, it can produce boards with a thickness of several millimeters to tens of millimeters, which can replace wood and square lumber of any thickness, and has good mechanical processing performance, such as sawing, drilling, grooving, tenoning, sanding and engraving, The edge of the board can be processed in any shape, and the surface is smooth after processing. This type of board is now widely used in the domestic furniture industry, but it is still slightly inferior in hardness compared to the solid wood particle board that has been commonly used abroad. 4. Functional characteristics Because of its excellent performance and an effective way for comprehensive and reasonable utilization of wood, MDF is also one of the most promising products at present. After learning with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture why the main materials of office furniture will be particleboard and MDF, I believe you also understand the advantages of this kind of board.
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