Why is office furniture factory direct sales becoming more and more popular?

Why is classic office furniture factory direct sales more and more favored by large enterprises and small companies? Isn't the furniture in the store poorly selected? The furniture products in the store are also very novel and broad and meet the requirements of consumers, so why choose a factory? In addition to direct sales offers discounts, are there other places to attract consumers? A senior manager in the classic office furniture industry said: In fact, there is no big difference, but there are still two points that are convenience and high-end customization. The product styles presented in the sales venues cannot be placed in different colors due to space constraints, which makes it difficult to choose. But in the factory exhibition hall, you can take all the colors of the office furniture that the company loves to make the company more selective, which can only be seen by the factory. The second point is about the customized planning of office furniture. Take the enterprise as an example. Our office furniture factory directly communicates with customers to confirm the style and style, and sends professional designers to come to the door for free measuring rulers to provide solutions. So as to achieve a reasonable space planning layout for the corporate office. The third point is about the transportation of goods. Take the company as an example. manufacturers will communicate with customers for a good time so that they can quickly ship, ship, and install. And it is simply impossible to do it in a furniture store. companies in the store should all be aware that they need to gradually report up to the level before going to the auditing party for production and delivery. The process is difficult to go up without ten and a half days. The fourth point is about the after-sales issue. Although the office home has a long warranty period and is not easy to break, we cannot guarantee that it will not be broken. If it is accidentally broken, just call the office furniture manufacturer and send someone to repair it. Deal with your problem, if you are in the store, it will be different, you need to schedule slowly. Since fewer technical staff can consume it at a slower rate, this will make you a lot inconvenient.

At a time when technology is essential for classic home furniture, ensuring that it works in a symbiotic way with your human employees is key.
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