Why Italian minimalist furniture design popular?

classic Italian furniture design with what the global epidemic? Fashion in the context of climate change, people from the rich man decked with gold, to a cell phone in hand, rich or poor now around the world. People tend to choose more and more simple, practical joker minimalism, Italian minimalist style stand out like this. Characteristics of the minimalist furniture style determine is famous for its simple geometry line features, log material is a great classic Italian decoration elements. A good solid wood materials, grain clarity, color pure, natural more personality traits. Focus on every tiny local and adornment, should be considered in the construction requirements to more beautiful, in the indoor environment design pursuit is concise and lively, lines on the agile, colour also from the luxuriant turned into elegant, but it's not as casual as general contracted style. Minimalist decoration method, for the purpose of shaping of aesthetic style, abandon all useless details, keep the most natural and pure part of life. 'Minimalism' is one of the artistic style has become the mainstream, float subsequently in the home, very popular in the market of Italian minimalist style, to extend happiness more likely. The day of the pursuit of happiness always little not pursuit of beauty, is no longer a daily necessities of survival requirement, food and clothing after the enjoyment of spirit level of higher requirements, the light of luxury minimalist furniture design is unique, with a face, line of simple design is given priority to, to combine the simple sense of fashion modern materials and decoration techniques, gracefully in the bedroom, make household becomes comfortable, happiness will come. Yong bang is the best Italian minimalist style, minimalist elegant, set sail from here.
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