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Italian furniture with its design, the fusion of traditional techniques and modern technology, and by its exquisite craft, reliable quality is famous in the world. Italian furniture has a profound historical origin, with the Italian art, architecture, technology and the history of economic development are inseparable. Strong aesthetic and cultural heritage as the birthplace of Renaissance, Italian furniture design has also been endowed with unique artistic charm. Exquisite workmanship, elegant shape, design concept, rich humanistic spirit Italian furniture is both rational and perceptual. Modern Italian furniture in addition to being able to cope with life function, also has its important value of art. When you use it, the perfect quality of a material will make you satisfied. When you are not using, artistic personality will be up immediately. Changing the Italian design style in the development of early modern furniture design does not highlight the image, but after the second world war, especially since the 1950 s, Italy to become the most dynamic in the design of modern furniture, enrich the content of modern furniture design. Because Italy is the birthplace of radical design movement, from the radical design and the design of the 1960 s to 80 s of the post-modern design, Italian designers have played an important role. Inheritance of furniture craft as time went on, Italian furniture has been carrying a glorious history, but no matter how to develop, how advanced the technology, the Italian craftsman people still use their ancestors process for making furniture. Manual art of Italian society, culture and way of life has become an indispensable part of, for the people all over the world to pursue high quality life has brought the luxury of Italian furniture, elegant and comfortable. From material selection to sculpture, from setting in polishing, italians believe that only this kind of delicate and meticulous handcrafted to reflect the real meaning of Italian manufacturing. Today, Italy is famous for its delicate and meticulous research. Everything comes from the hands of the Italian craftsman carvings are vivid, exquisite design and exquisite craft is natural.
are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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