Art and practical combination, Italian furniture are enduring

Speaking of Italian furniture, a flash of many people is luxury, noble, delicate, such as vocabulary, these high-end design and color configuration, however, in the eyes of ordinary people but, strangely cold feeling, talk to worship, but not love, because it lacks the 'home'. This is a stereotype of Italian furniture. If you do not understand meaning type furniture, also let small make up to introduce for you. The furniture of Italian style, from the design style, they have the classical and modern two charming face, combine art and function very closely. Time fashion and charming breath, casual just suck person eyeball, indulge. They will progress of industrial technology and the design creativity, the pursuit of aesthetic properties in the meet the functional requirements. In addition, the Italian people like to live with art together. Contracted has always been the characteristics of Italian furniture, simple in fashion and noble, and this is one reason for the enduring Italian household. Italian modern furniture design, elegant and comfortable in the color and texture of the classical furniture at the same time, space and adapted to the modern life. Perfect sense makes you satisfied, at the same time, its artistic character in space has a strong sense of elegant and romantic. Italian modern furniture represents the love of life, also represents the understanding and pursuit of perfect. Italian style furniture USES unconventional means such as mixing, superposition, build the atmosphere that gives space complex, how far, replace the characteristics of the modern style is unified clear, more diversified in artistic style. Through the above introduction, believe that all of the furniture of Italian style also have certain understanding, in general, the Italian style is suitable for people with personality, with unconventional technique such as mixing, dislocation, fission, create a set of rational, traditional and modern want to mix the building image and indoor environment. Senbetter idea besides inheritance, is also committed to the classical furniture experience more extreme, philosophy ideological trend, led by a household, and the meaning type furniture to create Senbetter philosophy.
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